Pastini Pastaria - SE Division

Job 169662 - Server
Portland, OR

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Job Details

Location: Portland, OR
Employment Type: Part-Time
Salary: Competitive

Job Description

Actively participate in delivering the Pastini experience.

Maintain complete knowledge of all food and beverage items, their prices, method of preparation and availability.

Describe items on the menu to guests if needed (ingredients used along with how it is prepared, cooked and served).

Accurately take food and beverage orders.

Appropriately serve guests food and deliver beverage orders. 

Effectively check back with guests during the meal for any additional needs.

Ensure that guests receive an accurate check and in a timely manner. 
(All sales are accounted for and check discrepancies are verified prior to presenting the check to guests).

Exhibit extreme care when handling dishware, glassware, silverware and food product.


Possess outstanding interpersonal communication skills to effectively interact with guests.

Work well with other restaurant employees to present an enjoyable dining experience to guests.

Stand on your feet for prolonged periods of time, be able to carry dishes weighted down significantly with food; trays weighted down significantly with glasses and dishes; and handle items that can be of extreme hot or cold temperatures. 

Know proper food handling methods and cleanliness procedures.

Be groomed and dressed appropriately every shift. 

Work with schedules based around busy meal times, holidays, events and weekends.

Is able to obtain valid food handler’s card and valid liquor service permit

Able to perform basic mathematics

Able to arrive to work on time, ready to start a scheduled shift

Displays a basic knowledge of restaurant operation

Displays a friendly, professional, and helpful attitude towards coworkers and management at all times

Demonstrates good time-management skills by completing all tasks in a timely manner

Must be able to explain and demonstrate that he/she can perform the essential functions of the job, with or without reasonable accommodation.

Consistently arrives to work well-groomed and in proper uniform

Section is ready at assigned time

Is aware of specials, soups, etc. prior to greeting their first table

Greets each table in a timely manner, in accordance with Company policy

Take all food and beverage orders, according to Company policy.

Accurately sends all orders to the kitchen, in a timely manner, with minimal errors

Consistently hand-clears/runs beverages for assigned table and other sections

Delivers guest checks and comment cards in a timely manner and promptly returns payment

Ensures each guest is taken care of until they leave the restaurant

Follows all Company accounting policies and procedures regarding cash, checks, and credit card transaction

Complies with, and supports, all policies and procedures set forth by employee handbook and the departmental training manual

Willingly, and with a positive attitude, follows direction of all management, including additional requests for sidework, cleaning, etc.

Must work well in a fast paced environment.

Must work well under pressure.

Ability to use Point of Sale Computer System.

Previous experience as a food server is preferred.


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